Digital Lighting

Digital Lighting

Based on the industry development trend of intelligent transportation and the interconnection of everything, the headlight technology is also making breakthroughs and innovations. Using advanced light sources, high-precision optical devices and high-speed computing power to create more intelligent headlights has become an important direction of the industry development.

In recent years focus on research and development of such core products. The standardized units of single pixel, ten pixel, one hundred pixel, ten thousand pixel and one million pixel have been developed respectively. With lighting units that provide two to a million separate controls and light emphasis nodes, not only improves lighting range, but also improves safety. Especially for high-pixel lighting units above 10,000 level, it adopts high-brightness and small-size white LED light source and combines high-precision optical devices to separate the collected high-brightness light into 10,000 tiny pixel units. Each unit can independently adjust the brightness and darkness to achieve a pixel resolution above 10,000 level. It can realize the lighting and projection function of clearer picture, and can realize more than 8 kinds of customized scene mode projection function; For example, symbols such as zebra crossing, lane line, speed and navigation information are projected, and symbols related to collision reminder are projected in combination with the content of automatic driving of the vehicle.

Based on the current connectivity and functional requirements of automatic driving, more symbols and projection functions can be customized in the future, such as the current popular welcoming scene mode, to provide drivers and passengers with better visual experience and feelings. This module can be combined with standardized near and far light unit modules to provide optical lighting requirements that meet international standards. The application of this technology can not only provide assisted driving safety, but also increase user engagement.

At the same time, in the future, with the expansion of the Internet of vehicles, different types of scenarios can be added to expand the value of business applications. For example, add in-car entertainment information, advertising projection and display, get more additional value experience.

Digital Lighting
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